Data Analytics

Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used by many DMMK clients to allow their company or organization to make better business decisions by driving out critical trends and hidden information lost in a sea of data.

  • Demographic Profiling
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Analyze Segmentation Codes From Prizm, Mosaic, and Others
  • Create Custom Segmentation Built From Your Customer Data
  • Analyze The Trends In Your Existing Customer Data
  • Customizing Various Modeling Methods That Work For You
  • GIS Integration and Mapping Intelligence
  • Analytical Reporting

More importantly than just producing analytics, we specialize in the ability to select the methodology that makes the most sense for you, and how to make that analysis come to life in actionable marketing plans designed to maximize efficiencies.

Data Analytics Case Study

Data Intelligence: The science is in the process, but the value is in the art of the application.

Data Intelligence and Analytics…
Behind the Curtain:

The term “analytics” has been used by many business intelligence (BI) software vendors as a buzzword to describe quite different functions. Data analytics is used to describe everything from online analytical processing OLAP to CRM analytics in call centers. Banks and credit cards companies, for instance, analyze withdrawal and spending patterns to prevent fraud or identity theft. Ecommerce companies examine Web site traffic or navigation patterns to determine which customers are more or less likely to buy a product or service based upon prior purchases or viewing trends. Modern data analytics often use information dashboards supported by real-time data streams. So-called real-time analytics involves dynamic analysis and reporting, based on data entered into a system less than one minute before the actual time of use. DMMK can lead you through the confusing world of buzzword bingo and help you form coherent strategy using the tools available to you whether you need a real-time dashboard or just a simple campaign strategy based on a small set of functional data elements.

Data Analytics
  • Get results with e-marketing

    Email marketing has now become an integral channel for most companies CRM efforts. Email campaigns can now encompass both existing customer touch points as well as new customer acquisition. DMMK has the marketing insight to guide you through this new and ever changing channel as well as the ability to merge print, mail and electronic touch points for maximum effectiveness.

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