Getting Long Term Results With SEO

As a business owner, your goal is to create long term, scalable and sustainable processes that produce results and help build your business. It’s no different with your website. It’s easy to throw money at it with paid advertisements and other high cost initiatives. But the best return on investment is organic and local search engine optimization.

What if you didn’t have to spend large amounts of money each month for your website to produce leads, conversions and results? What if your website could seemingly run by itself, as a lead generation machine? Well that is absolutely possible! It’s a matter of taking the time to do things right, with the proper research, best practices and strategies. Tracking your website’s traffic, users and other key metrics, we help you make informed decisions about your web strategies, also learning what works and what doesn’t, so time and resources are not wasted on initiatives that don’t work.

DMMK Marketing Group can help you develop a winning strategy that will turn your website into an organic leads generation machine. Many of the “big guys” will tell you that the only way to compete is to spend thousands of dollars with them each month for PPC (pay per click) advertising. The only person who benefits from this strategy is them, as they can continue to make money off you without your website improving on its own. Our goal is to help your website become an extension of your business, an online salesman who fields calls and closes sales, without the cost.

Contact us today for more information and a no obligation analysis of your website and business.

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  • Data Driven Intelligence

    Let DMMK provide Data Driven Intelligence that helps direct marketing and advertising decision making. Where there exists customer data, we can take that data and drill down to arrive at the core trends driving the customer base and thereby driving the enterprise itself. We can extrapolate models from the existing data, as well as append data to the existing database and create new information to help refine decision making.

    Data Driven Intelligence helps drive better decision making.

  • Helping customers achieve success with smart marketing

    "TEXPO 2011 was without a doubt a huge success. Based on the feedback we have received, TEXPO 2011 was the best one ever. The success of our conference depended on many things and in regards to all marketing needs, I knew from the beginning that we were in good hands with you. You brought TEXPO to the next level with the website and top quality printed materials. The program book was the best I have seen at any previous TEXPO, it was exactly what we needed."

    Jenny Kerzman
    TEXPO 2011 Chairman

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