Database Management

Without an expert data manager on the front end of every project, the flaws in the data trickle down through the entirety of the process, contaminating everything it touches along the way. It is the very foundation, upon which Data Intelligence is built. These are sometimes tedious and unglamorous processes, but pay the mightiest ROI dividends in the end.

  • Data Warehousing Services
  • Data Cleansing and Standardizing
  • Merge-Purge Multiple Lists
  • NCOA Updating (48 Months)
  • LACS Address Update
  • CASS and PAVE Certification
  • Postal Optimization
  • Append Consumer Demographics To Your Existing Data
  • Append Business “Firmagraphics” To Your Existing “B2B”Data

More importantly than just providing you the management tools, we specialize in how to move you forward with a plan to use clean, efficient data to save you money.

Data Management Case Study

List Acquisition

When the marketing challenge calls for prospect data lists, we rise to the top of the class in experience and expertise. Understanding data’s inherent strengths and weaknesses, knowing how data is compiled, understanding how the different sources interact, make your list from DMMK more than just an online game of checking demographic boxes. Our vast years of experience with virtually every type of data counsels you through the process of selecting what’s best for you and your campaign.

“Resident” Saturation Lists
These walk sequence saturation lists offer the lowest available postage rates

Consumer Lists
We are online direct with the Equifax and Axciom consumer files for all of the US. Chose from many demographic, geographic and lifestyle variables to select prospects. We also maintain the most comprehensive local data warehouse available giving you the most insight to the local data available in the market.

Business Lists
We are online direct with Dun & Bradstreet, the premier source for business data

Specialty Lists
We offer extensive specialty lists. New Movers, Nurses, Fitness Interest, Foreign travelers, Non Profit Donors, Magazine Subscribers, and a list of hundreds more…

More importantly than producing just a good mailing list, we understand fully the postal implications, the long term implications of how the data fits with your strategy, adding in the demographic elements to the data so that you can incorporate into your ongoing processes, and other factors no online seller can know about you.

List Acquisition Case Study

Database Management
  • Create and Maintain a unique brand in the marketplace

    Your creative image should reflect and support who you are and what you do. DMMK Marketing Group can help you design a strategy for communicating your message.

    That means from logo design to print ads and web design to brochures, booklets and even outdoor marketing materials, we will build and deliver customized communication strategies for your business. We develop powerful visual identities, stunning print and digital communications and always focus on delivering tangible results.

    Allow us to show you the power of graphic communication.

  • Direct Mail Questions?

    Here is the Mail Piece Reference Information that guides you through the process - Download the PDF

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